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Bankruptcy Attorney Neil Burns

Burns & Jain have represented clients in the Federal Bankruptcy Court since 1985. What we enjoy about this area of law is that all of our clients get a “fresh start” in their financial life. Indeed, the law allows you to keep your assets and “discharge” your debts!

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Seniors Filing for Personal Bankruptcy 2018 Update

The number of seniors coming to our office for consultations for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcies is rising.  After 33 years of practicing bankruptcy law in Massachusetts, I have antidotal evidence of trends in filings.  After the 2008 recession, we had a huge rise of middle age and middle-income folks who came in and just could not afford their mortgage payments.  They defaulted on home loans, were forced to move out, but got a Fresh Start, under federal bankruptcy law.

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Are Insurance Companies Looking Out for Consumers?

Many consumers who have settled insurance claims are perplexed when they hear of other claimants receiving more in settlements for property damage or pain and suffering for their injuries that they did for very similar claims. While not every accident or claim is the same and you can always point out differences in the nature and extent of injuries or property damage, there are additional factors to consider in determining if you are getting the most for the premiums you are paying.

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