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How To Hire a Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer

While it is not the situation anyone wants to be in, there comes a time for many folks that you need to retain a Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer.  How do you do it?  A client who moved to Hawaii called me this week, asking if I could represent him.  I couldn’t, because the cab fare would be pretty high, but I could give him advice as to how pick a competent bankruptcy lawyer.

When To Consider Contacting a Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Are the bills stacking up and not getting paid?  Are you avoiding phone calls from creditors?  Was a vehicle repossessed or are you keeping your vehicle but not really able to afford it?  Have you been sued by a creditor?  Is someone else paying your costs of living so you can pay your debts?  These are all signs that you may need to contact an experienced Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer.

What Should You Look for in a Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer?

You want a Massachusetts bankruptcy you can feel comfortable talking to about the whole situation.  You want a bankruptcy attorney with experience.  An attorney that has been to hundreds of creditor hearings, knows what the U.S. Trustees want, and will be able to guide you through a process that can be emotionally difficult.

Do You Even Need a Massachusetts Bankruptcy Attorney?

No.  But the legal fees for a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Massachusetts are not high.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney will walk you through the steps, get all the necessary documents to the US Trustee in a timely fashion, and save you endless aggravation.  Also, many times, with a little bankruptcy planning, you can save a lot of money by hiring an experienced attorney.  For example, if you discover that you have too much money in your bank account to keep your money exempt, moving the right amount into a Roth IRA is an excellent plan for some folks.

In a California study, it was found that 94.5% of all Chapter 7 cases resulted in a discharge of all debts when an attorney represented a debtor, while only 60.9% of Chapter 7 debtors that filed on their own got their debts discharged.  It’s worth the legal fees.

Plus, you then have an attorney for life.  Clients call us years later about related or unrelated problems.  We remember them, we take care of their legal problems, and we care.

So How Do You Choose A Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Do your homework.  Ask friends, call the bar association, review websites.  An attorney that has useful information on his website is a good place to start.  You learn something and will have questions.  Be sure you get a free initial consultation so you can see if you are comfortable working with your attorney.

Ask about experience.  I have been practicing bankruptcy and personal injury law in Massachusetts since 1985.   Ask about cost.  Don’t go with the cheapest quote, but instead hire the attorney you most want to work with over time.  It’s a big decision and an important one.

Will I Get A Fresh Start?

Yes.  The bankruptcy law actually says you deserve a “fresh start.”  So, to get started on your fresh start, call Attorney Neil Burns for a free consultation.

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