Free Credit Reports for Boston Personal Bankruptcy Clients

We warn our Chapter 7 no asset personal bankruptcy clients in Boston that the free credit reports advertised are in fact, not free. Experian paid over one million dollars in fines for their misleading advertising and now charges $1. More importantly, if you sign up and fail to disengage your membership during the “trial” period, you can be charged up to $14.95 per month!

On April 2, 2010, new rules went into effect require credit agencies to state on their websites that the only “free” credit report is from Experian, in protest, now charges $1 and does not have to place the required information on their website.
We advise folks to call to request 1-888-322-8228 a free mailed version of their Experian credit report. The U.S. Trustees Office in Boston tends to request that particular report when questions arise about credit reports.