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Taxes, 401(k) allocations a Massachusetts Consumer Update

Our clients often ask for personal investment advice regarding the assets they can protect in filing a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. Massachusetts investors need to know that they can exempt their qualified retirement accounts. In our September 1, 2009 blog article, we discussed asset allocation for our Boston, Massachusetts clients’ qualified accounts. This article is merely an update; a reminder to check that you are making the most of your retirement, or other long term savings, investments. The US Securities and Exchange Commission offers a primer as well!
In a survey undertaken by Barrons, the 2010 recommendations of the 20 top money managers revealed some interesting trends. They recommended between 37% and 67% in equity (stock) investments; 15% to 45% in fixed income (bond); 8% to 33% in alternative (commodity etc.) investments; and 0% to 15% in cash. Of particular note was the renewed focus on non United States equity and debt. Barclays and Deutcsche Bank recommend that 22% of equity be invested oversees. Morgan Stanley puts the percentage at 24%
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