Cape Verdean Passover Seder in Boston

Cape Verdean Attorney Thiadora A. Pina, helped organize the fifth annual Cape Verdean-Jewish Seder at the St. Patrick’s Church, in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Held on March 24, 2010, the Seder focused on bringing together the two communities which have a surprisingly interrelated history. Attorney Pina is Vice President of the Board of Directors for CVC Unido – Cape Verdean Community Unity. Formed in 1999 as The Cape Verdean Task Force, CVC Unido is the only Cape Verdean agency in the City of Boston. The personal injury and bankruptcy firm Law Office of Neil Burns was a Sponsor of the event. The Cape Verdean Consulate General was a sponsor and speaker. The Seder, a festive meal with prayer, songs and discussion, was attended by over 200 people, both Jewish and Cape Verdean.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Pictured with a community leader
Bankruptcy Lawyer at a Community Outreach event

Attorney Thiadora Pina and a fellow volunteer register guests at the fifth annual Cape Verdean-Jewish Seder in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

The traditional Passover Seder, a Jewish holiday and ritual, is the story of freedom and rebellion against the brutal slavery of the Jews in Egypt. The Cape Verdean – Jewish Seder is a new ritual which celebrates the commonalities of the two groups; histories of enslavement and liberation, far-flung Diasporas, challenges of immigration to the United States, an heritages of prevailing over tremendous hardships. Further, when Cape Verde was a Portugese colony, Portugese Jews, facing oppression and the Inquisition, fled to Cape Verde in the 15th and 16th centruies. Apparently, the groups intermarried and ceased to exist separately. Today there are four Jewish cemeteries in Cape Verde.