Credit Report Check Ups for Massachusetts Bankruptcy Clients

Updated 9/21/16

Clients regularly ask us about their credit score. We are always on the lookout for information that will help our clients understand and upgrade their score. Recently, we have learned of new websites that may be useful to determine your credit scores. The following are a few we have found:

Credit Karma, owned by TransUnion, provides a credit score which is NOT your actual FICO score, but claims to be an indication of your FICO score. For no cost, the website provides helpful information for increasing your score. A nice feature is that you can check your scores as often as you wish. The fun part of this site is that you can simulate future events to determine how they would effect your credit score.

Second is Quizzle, which is associated with Experian and Quicken and provides a free credit report every six months. Quizzle provides information on your mortgage score, gives information regarding your budget, and produces an overall score. What we like best is that you do NOT have to provide your social security number.

Third, WalletHub, which claims to be the “only site that offers full credit reports that are updated on a daily basis,” in an email to our office on September 20, 2016.

Finally, there is, which is also free and gives information that you can translate into your actual credit score. also grades various components of your credit score and allows for updates every 30 days, using information from Transunion.