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Trial Lawyers Help Massachusetts Consumers

Notwithstanding all the rhetoric promulgated by the insurance companies and the corporate media, trial lawyers in Boston, throughout Massachusetts, and elsewhere, are actually consumer friendly. We are the ones representing the little guy against the insurance companies and other corporate interests.
Take the automobile collision resulting in injury or death. Who can afford to hire an experienced corporate attorney, qualified to go to court if necessary and who charges $300 – $500 per hour, to try to get your lost wages and your medical bills paid? Who even knows those lawyers in the towers overlooking the Boston Harbor? No normal folks. However, if you look in the phone book, online, or even on a billboard in town, there will be a personal injury attorney advertising that he or she will represent you on a contingent basis; you pay NOTHING until and unless you get a settlement. Then, you pay a contingent fee, usually one third. There is no chance for overreaching, no need for negotiating a bill, and, all along, you have an experienced attorney, that you chose, on your side representing your interests against the insurance company.

Why do the insurance companies and corporate interests keep up the attacks on “trial” attorneys? Trial attorneys, or attorneys for consumers, are a threat to their bottom line. They also use these tactics in the health care debate. In fact, less than 2% of all health care spending is related to medical malpractice.
Those same insurance companies and corporate interests try to spread the myth that “trial” lawyers hurt small businesses. However it is not the small business persons who are complaining. Their own studies show that lawsuit abuse is not a significant issue, in fact, it’s the least significant issue they have.
Personal injury “trial” attorneys also represent tenants when property owners fail to repair housing and injuries result; we represent employees who are injured at work as a result of poor or unsafe working conditions; we represent children who are injured from dangerous products; we represent victims of dog attacks; we represent people who don’t have money up front, who are working to pay their bill, but have legitimate claims against the insurance companies and corporations – who have their own “trial” attorneys, with unlimited resources.